“Dr. Corcoran is so amazing. She diagnoses illness and is aware of problems that the general vet doesn’t even ask about of test for. She is so smart. I wish she could be our regular vet.”

Joe & Donna Facciala, owners of Hershey

“My first visit to Vet Vision was on an emergency basis due to extremely high eye pressure caused by glaucoma. I had to have my left eye removed. It was replaced with prosthesis and no one knows that I have a fake eye until my mom shares my surgery experience. I have been seeing Dr. Corcoran every 3 months since to have my other eye monitored. I now have a large cataract in the right eye which needs to be removed as my vision is obstructed. Due to my age, this is a decision that my parent didn’t take lightly. Knowing and experiencing first hand Dr. Corcoran’s expertise and skills, they would trust me to no other. Her clients come from all over, many driving hours to reach her. Many, like us, are returning clients which speak volumes of her practice. Her support staff is very professional, supportive, and compassionate. Font a man’s point of view, visiting an all women practice and being showered with attention with each visit is a dream come true!”

Senator (and owner Susan Mardula)

“Elmer got awesome care during both his surgeries. At VetVision the doctor is outstanding and the staff very helpful and knowledgeable. I would and have recommended VetVision to others”

Peggy Bacon, owner of Elmer

“They were kind, gentle, and patient with our alpaca, Cia.
We are thankful they agreed to see a livestock animal.”

Barbara Kellogs

“Nikki scratched her cornea and Dr, Corcoran was able to successfully repair her eye over a series of visits without surgery. VetVision’s vet assistants were very supportive and helpful in assisting with Nikki’s recovery. Great veterinary care with compassion!”

Janice Taylor, owner of Nikki

“Everyone at VetVision was so kind to Chewy during all her visits and surgeries. Thanks Dr. Corcoran and staff.”

Elizabeth Larson, owner of Chewy