Dr. Kelley Corcoran

Dr. Corcoran is a native of Montreal, Canada and graduated veterinary school from the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College, near Toronto, Canada.  University of Guelph was the first veterinary college in North America. She then attended the University of Prince Edward Island for a year internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery.  After completing her internship, Dr. Corcoran worked for a year in a busy small animal practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia before coming to Washington, DC for her residency in ophthalmology with one of the first veterinary ophthalmologists in the country, Dr. Seth Koch.

During her residency in ophthalmology, Dr. Corcoran trained  with more ophthalmologists than any other ophthalmologist in the country, traveling to Boston, UNC, University of Florida,Gainesville, as well as trained in private practice in Tampa and Orlando, Florida.  She also was studied and volunteered at the National Zoo where she treat the panda, “Ling Ling” for blindness until his vision has fully restored. She also spent time at the Baltimore Aquarium where she performed exams on many different species such as seals and dolphins and performed cataract surgery on a fish and a rescue Loggerhead turtle that was then able to be successfully released.

After completing her residency, Dr. Corcoran then opened her practice in  Springfield, Virginia and in 2006 moved to the current Fairfax, Virginia office.

Dr. Corcoran is one of the most experienced veterinary cataract surgeons in the country and has performed over 6000 cataract surgeries.   

She is very  passionate about helping the rescues and has offered free exams  to all Fairfax County Shelter pets since opening in 2006. She has served as the liaison for the area shelters and the Northern Virginia Veterinary Medical Association for over 10 years.

Vet Vision is proud to say that she is the only ophthalmologist in the country to offer totally free ophthalmic care for all military and government working dogs since 9/11.  She has performed many exams on Secret Service, Fort Belvoir service dogs, ATF, DEA, and airport and Amtrak working dogs. She is very proud to have had the honor to be chosen to treat President Bush’s dog, “Spot”.


Dr. Corcoran’s Fur Family