Entropion is a rolling in of the eyelids. It may cause the eyelashes to rub against the sensitive front layer of the eyeball (cornea) and is often uncomfortable or painful. It can also cause serious eye damage.

Causes include birth defects, injuries and other eye disorders. Entropion may be permanent or temporary and may occur at any age after the eyes open at around 2 weeks.

The objective of treatment is to permanently evert or roll the affected lid(s) outward. Hospitalization and general anesthesia will be required. Further lid adjustment may occasionally be needed at a later date due to tissue contraction or growth. “Tacking” is a term used when the lids are temporarily turned outward with the use or sutures. The sutures remain in for an average of 2-3 weeks. The procedure is used on very young animals to protect the sensitive front of the eyeball until the lids attain less harmful eyeball contact through natural maturing. In some instances, a more permanent, surgical repair may be required at a later date on these patients.