The cornea is the transparent front covering of the eyeball. It is less than 1 millimeter thick and consists of several complex layers. It is the most sensitive part of the body and readily reacts to irritants from both outside and inside the eye.

The cornea’s transparency depends on a number of factors that maintain correct water content within the corneal tissues themselves. Changes in any of these factors through injury or disease may cause the cornea to lose its transparency and become partially or totally cloudy.

Corneal cloudiness may be caused by trauma, allergic reactions, infections, birth defects, chemicals, and other irritants.

Treatment depends on the patient’s age and the cause and severity of the injury. Treatment will be based upon your pet’s individual needs. Corneal deterioration may progress rapidly after injury, so the eye should be treated as soon as possible. Pain often accompanies this condition, and medical management will also be directed at eliminating discomfort.