The conjunctiva is the pink tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyelids and covers the front portions of the eyeball except the clear transparent cornea. It is a protective layer that contains special glands whose secretions help maintain normal eye health.

Conjunctivitis is used to describe the conjunctiva when it becomes reddened, congested, and painful. It may occur in one or both eyes, depending upon the cause. Causes of conjunctivitis include foreign matter, chemicals, bacteria, viruses or other germs, polluted water, or smoke. Other causes may be due to birth defects, serious internal diseases, and allergic reactions.

Laboratory tests, including blood cell counts, conjunctival scrapings and cultures, may be needed to help determine the cause and an effective treatment. Attempts should be made to prevent further irritation to your pet’s eyes from such things as contaminated water, soap, dust, sprays, smoke, trauma, etc.